Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin

Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin

If you want to grab, retrieve or download media such as images, video files, audio files and flash files from a public web site and use them locally in within your own WordPress blog, Web Media Grabber Plugin for WordPress is the perfect tool.
Extract and download anything from anywhere to your server file system! Use the downloaded media into your own WordPress pages or posts without external hot-linking.

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Plugin Description

WiseLoop Web Media Grabber WordPress Plugin is designed to download media resources from the web and use the extracted media inside your WordPress blog.
This WordPress plugin allows media extraction and embedding by using a complete and intuitive administration panel featuring powerful media extraction engines combined with a friendly media browser.
The extraction engine is capable of downloading images, movies, audio and flash files from the internet as long as the target URL contains or refers media files using web links (a href tags) or various tag attributes (src, embed, param, movie etc.). Also, the media grabbing engine is able to identify more than the obvious media resources having the most common file extensions – it will find the media generated dynamically by the servers or media files that have no valid extensions or no extensions at all (such as images generated at runtime by the web servers); the identification is made by checking the server response header when pinging the tested media resource.
The smart caching feature stores the useful information about founded media (HTTP headers, width, height for images etc.) and so, it improves the grabbing speed, saves bandwidth and prevents useless pinging of the grabbed media.
Video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=waY-7b63rTY

Main Features

  • intuitive administration panel;
  • download of all images, video, audio and flash file formats to localhost file system;
  • advanced media extraction filtering by type, byte-size, image width or height, count limiter;
  • search for media the whole target URL or only inside a designated HTML area specified by a tag;
  • smart grabbing engine;
  • insert the downloaded media inside the blog pages and posts;
  • friendly media browser provided to view, delete, insert into pages and navigate through the downloaded media;
  • smart caching for fast processing;
  • technical documentation for the grabbing engine provided also;
  • lightweight and easy to use;


  • WordPress 3.0 or newer



WiseLoop assumes no responsibility for any abusive use of this software product and/or violation of any terms of usage of the grabbed web pages.
If you decide to use this software product, do it with responsibility and make sure that you are allowed to grab media from the desired web page by checking its terms of usage.

This software product is sold exclusively on codecanyon.net. Please do not download it from elsewhere.

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