uDesign – Responsive WordPress Theme

uDesign - Responsive WordPress Theme

U-Design is a powerful and user friendly theme. It could be used by people with no programming experience as well as advanced developers. You can build your site quickly, with confidence and with minimal effort. With such a powerful tool you can transform your site in seconds and have your project delivered on time. We aim to please our clients and so we want to help you with yours.

SEO – Search engine optimization has been made a priority when constructing the U-Design theme. In the code hierarchy, the main content block is placed before the sidebar regardless of the sidebar position, so it is crawled first by search engines. Headings are also handled by the theme for better SEO.

Responsive & Mobile Ready – U-Design theme offers as an option responsive layout. It fits perfectly on various displays and resolutions from regular desktop screens to tablets,iPads,iPhones and small mobile devices. Feel free to try it out!
In addition the theme offers two different mobile menus to choose from, things like special mobile screens logo are also included.

Great Choice for E-Commerce – The theme fully support the most popular online shopping solution: Woocommerce. Have your online store built in no time, looking awesome and mobile friendly.

Import Demo Sites – If you don’t have the time or simply you don’t want to start your project from scratch you may import one of the theme’s full demo sites and use it as a starting point. On the subject of health for example we offer health coach, fitness (gym), yoga sites. Some of the other topics include photography, musician (guitar), wedding, construction (builder). The available demo sites may be viewed here… more coming soon

2000+ Fonts to choose from – Those include Icon Fonts like Font Awesome and Fontello, also Google Fonts.

In the theme’s SHOWCASE I’ve demonstrated a small fraction of what can be accomplished with the U-Design theme.

What People are Saying:

Everything the author says about this theme, including the best support available is ABSOLUTELY true! I have used this theme on several websites and have never had any problems or a question that went unanswered. And not only does the author provide great service, but so do the many who frequent the forum. So if you’re thinking about buying this theme… you can rest assured it’s a wise choice! It’s been #1 for a reason and I’m sure it will keep its place as the best. —neostead

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I am a total beginner!!! Bought UDesign about 6 weeks ago, and I am working on my first website. So you guys can only imagine how many questions I have. Yet, the support forum has answers for just about anything and everything, and as far as customer support, I have had all my questions answered within 6 hours or less. —davutor

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what a breath of fresh air – someone on the interwebs who clearly knows what they are talking about and can be bothered to provide friendly patient and comprehensive support. at the price of this theme all this adds up to a real bargain – i’ll never bother with another theme. or recommend any other theme. awesome. —janimal

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TO ALL WHO ARE CONSIDERING PURCHASING U-DESIGN, I’ve put up 100s of WP Sites over the years and worked with dozens of premium themes. NONE top this theme for ease of use and beautiful results. It does not require expertise! I installed it and SNAP it was doing what I tried to make my previous theme do for dozens of hours. —whata1

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I wish all themes were this easy to setup. Absolutely top notch. It’s a nice change of pace to be able to start working with a theme right away. There’s hardly even a need for documentation. Superb mate, you really thought of everything. One of the best purchases I’ve ever made here. —tonvie

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U-Design Template makes it easy to create a World class website with a unique style and clear focused message…


  • Slider Revolution Responsive WordPress Plugin – This is an incredibly versatile and flexible slider. It features tons of unique transition effects, an image preloader, video embedding, autoplay that stops on user interaction and lots of easy to set options to create your own effects. The “Slider Revolution” plugin has been fully integrated with the “U-Design” theme.
  • jQuery Cycle Slider Full Width Image – Slide controls available: pause, resume, jump to a specific slide. Choose from 28 transition effects that could be assigned independently to each slide. Slide link with the option to open in current or new window. Also remove the 3D shadow option is available.
  • jQuery Cycle Slider With an Image, Text and Button – Slide controls available: pause, resume, jump to a specific slide. Choose from 28 transition effects that could be assigned independently to each slide. Link button auto generated with the option to open the link in current or new window. Also remove the 3D shadow option is available.
  • jQuery Cycle Slider With sliding Images and Sliding Text – Slide controls available: pause, resume, jump to a specific slide. The practical aspect of this slider is that it allows you to create dynamic interactive look of three sliding layers.
  • An additional “No slider” option has been added with the ability to add custom text in the place of the slider

Choosing Your Fonts & Colors:

  • Over 2000 fonts offered (more info)
  • Unlimited combinations of colors (more info)
  • Background Images – You could also upload background images on per section bases instead of solid background color if you wish. (more info)

Custom Widgets:

  • U-Design: Recent Posts – Display the most recent posts with teaser text, author and date info (optional), you also have the option to offset the displayed recent posts from the most current one, use this to omit the first 2 or 3 latest posts for example. In addition to that the widget allows you to select a specific category and all its descendants respectively. Limit the number of words to show from each post. Auto generate thumbnails and optionally show thumbnail frame shadow. The Thumbnails can have any width or height. In addition I have provided a shortcode version of this widget so that it can be used anywhere in the content, not just widget areas. Here’s an example.
  • U-Design: Login Form – Displays a login in the sidebar. Users can login and logout directly from the sidebar without being redirected to the default WP login page.
  • U-Design: Custom Category widget – allows you to display a single category and all of its descendant categories respectively. This comes in handy for sections of the website such as the Portfolio or Blog/News, where you might want to narrow the categories displayed in the sidebar for the current section to be more relevant.
  • U-Design: Google Map – Copy and paste your Google map code to display a Google Map in the sidebar.
  • U-Design: Subpages – Displays a current pages’ children pages. The parent is displayed as the title. This widget is handy if you have a lot of pages that would normally take up too much room in the sidebar, so you could use this widget to display a much shorter version of the menu in the sidebar showing just the descendant pages of the current page.

“Widgetized” Home page Option

  • There are 11 (eleven) widget areas. They are designed in a such a way to span the width of the page dynamically, e.g. if one column is deactivated, then the remaining columns will re-size to span the full width of the page, if let’s say only one column is active then it will span the full width of the page, etc.

Contact page

  • Pre-formatted Business Contact Fields – that could be entered directly from the theme’s Options page. This feature can be enabled/disabled from the Option’s page as well. The Business Contact Fields provide a way to better display additional contact information such as Company Name, Address, Phone, etc.
  • E-mail form:
    • Phone number validation (North America format) that could be enabled/disabled from the theme’s Options page (disabled by default).
    • Unobtrusive form validation (works with JavaScript ON or OFF)
  • The contact form offers reCAPTCHA for extra security

Portfolio section

Unlimited Portfolio sections/pages.

  • You can choose from four layouts: one, two, three and four column
  • Auto generate portfolio thumbnails
  • You can add description to each portfolio item
  • Specify the number of items per page
  • Automatic pagination
  • Option to include/exclude date, post metadata and comments from the portfolio item’s individual post
  • Custom sidebar with widgets and sidebar position control for the portfolio item’s individual post
  • Galleries
  • Sortable/Filterable Portfolios, you can filter by Category or by Tags, also sort by Alphabetical and Ascending/Descending order

Blog section

  • Blog section pages can have left, right or no sidebar (full-width) pages
  • Option to remove the sidebar from Blog, Archive and Single Post View pages independently
  • Option to set the post image/thumbnail dimensions (width and height) as well as the image alignment
  • Option to show or remove Post Tags and Author Name and to change the excerpt length


This theme is Internationalized (translation ready) – the theme has been updated to support translations in more than one language. We have included a (.pot file included to have the theme localized)
Included Translations with the theme:

  • German translation courtesy of Ernst Weinzettl
  • Italian translation – courtesy Diego Meozzi – Cartabianca Publishing (www.cartabianca.com)
  • Spanish translation courtesy of Vicent Llopis
  • Dutch translation courtesy of Jeroen van Beusekom
  • Bulgarian translation courtesy of Georgi Panev
  • Polish translation courtesy of Elzbieta Wozniak
  • Russian translation courtesy of Marina Barayeva
  • French translation courtesy of Benoît Coignet
  • Chinese Traditional (zh_tw) translation courtesy of Sylvia Ho
  • Serbian translation courtesy of Draganche Golubac
  • Danish translation courtesy of Nikolaj Mackowski
  • Romanian translation courtesy of Demoiselle.ro
  • Swedish translation courtesy of Ola Walfridsson
  • Portuguese (Brazil) translation courtesy of Lord Marcio Moreira
  • Turkish translation courtesy of Web Tasarim PRO
  • Persian translation courtesy of Hamed (WPTranslate.ir)
  • Greek translation


Refer to the Shortcodes page for examples.

Documentation & Support

The theme comes with extensive documentation. Free support is offered through an external forum.
Should you have any support related questions please post them to the theme’s support forum.

In my effort to provide you with better support I’ve setup an independent Forum where all comments are searchable, you can upload images and insert code with code-highlighting, etc.

You can subscribe to the Support Forum HERE.

Support for the “U-Design” theme includes:

  • Responding to questions or problems regarding the theme and its features
  • Fixing bugs and reported issues
  • Providing updates to ensure compatibility with latest WordPress and other required softwares




Version 3.4.3 – Updated: 07.05.2020
  • Updated : “U-Design Core” plugin (v1.0.7)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.2.5)
Version 3.4.2 – Updated: 05.05.2020
  • Updated : “WPBakery Page Builder” plugin (v6.2)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.2.3)
  • Fixed : Slider Revolution showing on category/tag pages
Version 3.4.1 – Updated: 31.03.2020
  • Updated : WordPress 5.4 compatibility
  • Fixed : An issue with the block editor styles
Version 3.4.0 – Updated: 18.03.2020
  • Added : “Elementor Page Builder” plugin compatibility
  • Added : Yoga Demo with Elementor to the demo import wizard
  • Updated : WordPress 5.4 compatibility
  • Updated : “U-Design Core” plugin (v1.0.6)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.2.2)
  • Updated : Some code formatting and clean up
  • Updated : Demo import wizard
Version 3.3.8 – Updated: 15.02.2020
  • Updated : WordPress 5.4 compatibility
  • Updated : PHP 7.3 compatibility
  • Updated : “U-Design Core” plugin (v1.0.5)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.1.8)
  • Fixed : Gutenberg’s Cover Block text alignment
Version 3.3.7 – Updated: 19.01.2020
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.1.7)
  • Updated : “Responsive Menu 2” JS files versions to aid cache refreshing
  • Updated : Dutch translations
  • Fixed : Gutenberg editor table block styles
Version 3.3.6 – Updated: 14.01.2020
  • Added : An option to have the Responsive Menu 2 fixed on page scroll
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.1.6)
  • Updated : “Essential Grid” plugin (v2.3.6)
  • Updated : “WPBakery Page Builder” plugin (v6.1)
  • Removed : The Statistics section
  • Fixed : Contact form fields widths for mobile screens
Version 3.3.5 – Updated: 14.11.2019
  • Updated : “U-Design Core” plugin (v1.0.4)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.1.5)
  • Updated : “Essential Grid” plugin (v2.3.5)
  • Fixed : A JS issue with secondary menu settings
Version 3.3.4 – Updated: 30.09.2019
  • Updated : “U-Design Core” plugin (v1.0.3)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.1.2)
  • Fixed : Search field magnifying glass icon floats left below search box in Google Chrome
Version 3.3.3 – Updated: 06.09.2019
  • Updated : “U-Design Core” plugin (v1.0.2)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v6.1.1)
  • Updated : “Essential Grid” plugin (v2.3.3)
  • Updated : U-Design affiliate link in footer option. Uses full link now instead of just a username
  • Updated: Schema.org blog entry tag adjustments
Version 3.3.2 – Updated: 24.07.2019
  • Updated : “WPBakery Page Builder” plugin (v6.0.5)
  • Updated : WPML admin strings to include Feedback Button URL
Version 3.3.1 – Updated: 27.06.2019
  • Updated : “U-Design Core” plugin (v1.0.1)
  • Updated : “WPBakery Page Builder” plugin (v6.0.3)
  • Removed : “FreeSans” font from the generic fonts list
Version 3.3.0 – Updated: 24.05.2019
  • Added : “U-Design Core” plugin (this plugin is required, make sure to install it after this update)
  • Added : Announcement that the “Statistics” section will be removed from the theme and what’s the alternative
  • Updated : “WPBakery Page Builder” plugin (v6.0.2)
  • Removed : “U-Design Shortcodes Button” plugin (its functionality is now included in the “U-Design Core” plugin)
  • Removed : “U-Design WooCommerce Integration” plugin (its functionality is now included in the “U-Design Core” plugin)
  • Fixed : Prevent WooCommerce automatic wizard redirect from interrupting TGMPA or theme’s demo import process
  • Fixed : Admin styles versions to help deal with caching
  • Fixed : Gutenberg Editor Cover Image text alignment
Version 3.2.0 – Updated: 07.04.2019
  • Updated : Further optimized the theme for Gutenberg requirements
  • Updated : “WPBakery Page Builder” plugin (v5.7)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v5.4.8.3)
  • Updated : “U-Design Shortcodes Button” plugin to v.2.2.1 (fixed a warning message)
  • Updated : Implemented cache buster for the child and parent theme’s style.css when modified
  • Updated : Text domain to match theme’s slug “u-design”
  • Updated : Extensive code clean up
  • Updated : Translation files (*.po files updated)
  • Fixed : WooCommerce reviews link (near title) not working on single product page
Version 3.1.2 – Updated: 05.02.2019
  • Fixed : Page header image CSS fix for Chrome browser
Version 3.1.1 – Updated: 03.02.2019
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v5.4.8.2)
  • Updated : “Essential Grid” plugin (v2.3.2)
  • Updated : CMB2 library (v2.6.0)
  • Fixed : A small gap below header image
Version 3.1.0 – Updated: 19.01.2019
  • Added : An option to select dropdown indicator (5 available) for the main menu
  • Added : An option to specify text and color for the feedback button
  • Added : An extra option for “Back to Top” link as Angle-Up Icon
  • Added : Converted most theme images to image sprites to improved performance
  • Updated : CMB2 library (v2.5.1)
  • Updated : “U-Design Shortcodes Button” plugin to v.2.2.0 (Gutenberg “Classic Block” support)
  • Updated : “U-Design WooCommerce Integration” plugin (v2.3.2)
  • Updated : ClassicPress support for footer credits and link
  • Updated : German translation
  • Updated : Message shortcodes to now have optional class attribute
  • Fixed : Translations not loading
Version 3.0.0 – Updated: 05.12.2018
  • Added : Gutenberg compatibility (WordPress 5.0)
  • Added : “Business” demo to the list of demos to import
  • Added : An option to the “U-Design: Recent Posts” widget to automatically use the current category (if on category/archive page)
  • Updated : HTML5 tags
  • Updated : Theme demo import and setup wizard
  • Updated : Code clean up and restructuring (template parts were added)
  • Updated : “WPBakery Page Builder” plugin (v5.6) – Compatibility with WordPress 5.0
  • Updated : “Essential Grid” plugin (v2.3.1)
  • Updated : “Slider Revolution” plugin (v5.4.8.1)
  • Updated : “U-Design WooCommerce Integration” plugin (v2.3.0) – WooCommerce 3.5.2 compatibility
  • Updated : Label tag to “Responsive Menu 1” for better accessibility
  • Updated : Translation files (po files updated with new strings)
  • Fixed : Single blog posts’ “Next” and “Previous” links warning messages
  • Fixed : Thumbnail width in “U-Design: Recent Posts” element for WPBakery Page Builder
For the full changelog please refer to the theme’s main zip file.


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