Social Auth WordPress Plugin

Social Auth WordPress Plugin

SocialAuth WordPress Plugin

Social Auth WordPress Plugin v3.3 released!

What is new in v3.3?

  • Upgraded to latest WP

Social Auth WordPress Plugin

Socail Auth is a WordPress plugin/widget that lets you authorize your sign-in with social newtorks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google, Yahoo

You can make a login area on your website in order to do let your users to authorize their sign-in with social networks by purchasing and integrate to your website.No need regisration anymore!

Script Features

  • Login with Facebook
  • Login with Twitter
  • Login with Linkedin
  • Login with Google
  • Login with Yahoo
  • Enable/Disable login buttons
  • Plugin usage
  • Widget usage


  • WordPress 2.8+
  • PHP 5.0+
  • Applications that are created on Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin

Live Demo

You can view online demo here

What Customers Say?


Great Plugin! TOP NOTCH Service! Value added plugin worthe every penny.


I bought this theme last week and needed some help installing. cubuzoa went beyond the call of duty to help. I have bought plenty plugins on Code Canyon and cubuzoa’s level of service and dedication ranks as some of the best I’ve received to date. Fast support, reliable and personal. I am a fan and will follow future plugins. Highly recommended.


v.3.3 – 05/02/2014(Approved) –Updated to latest WP version

v.3.0.2 – 14/06/2013(Approved) –
Refactored for Twitter v1.1

v.3.0.1 – 09/09/2012(Approved) –
jQuery conflict fixed

v.3.0 – 21/08/2012(Approved) –
Modal login panel added
Redirect to latest page after social login has been implemented
Admin panel settings have been simplified

v.2.0 – 08/03/2012(Approved) –Third party libraries have been changed

v.1.1 – 14/01/2012 (Approved) – Facebook class conflict with other facebook plugins has been resolved


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