smWatermark WordPress Plugin

smWatermark WordPress Plugin


The smWatermark WordPress Plugin is the only plugin you need if you want to protect your images with a custom watermark. Unlike other plugins that only allow you to do a text watermark, this plugin allows you to upload a custom PNG image.


There are also a stackload of options available with this plugin.

  • Set position of watermark
  • Set quality of watermark
  • Set the min-width images need to be to attract the watermark (Great for not applying the watermark to thumbnails)


  1. Once downloaded the plugin zip file, login to you WordPress website and click on Plugins-> Add New
  2. Select the Upload option at the top of the screen & then browse for the zip file and click Install Now
  3. Once the plugin has successfully installed and activated, you will see a submenu under Settings called smWatermark.


Once the plugin has been installed, you will need to configure the plugin to work how you want it to. When you click on the smWatermark link under settings, you will see the following options:

  1. This is where you upload the watermark image. We recomment a transparent PNG as this gives your image the best watermark effect
  2. This is where you preview your watermark image and have the ability to remove it and re-upload another one
  3. This is where you set your watermark position. Remember there is a 10px padding so your watermark doesn’t rub the sides of your image
  4. Here you can set the quality of the watermark
  5. Now this setting is important. If you do not set any value here, all images will be watermarked. This is not such a good idea for thumbnails. So in our example we set it to min width of 300px wide.


We provide support should you need it. You can submit a ticket via our support desk at

Change Log

January 23, 2012
– Minor bug fixes

Demo = smWatermark WordPress Plugin

Download =smWatermark WordPress Plugin