SiteGuard Advanced PHP Login & User Management Script

SiteGuard Advanced PHP Login & User Management Script

SiteGuard – Advanced PHP Login & User Management System – the simplest, most powerful authentication tool for your website.

Script Guide

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Username: : admin
Password: admin

SiteGuard Features

  • Two factor authentication ready.
  • Account Self Activation via email link.
  • Automatic Throttling for wrong login attempts with IP logging.
  • Social authentication from Facebook and Google plus.
  • JSON API Ready with Public & Secret keys for authentication with your android or web application.
  • Secure PHP login and registration script features easy one-line integration with your current website or application.
  • Admin can impersonate other users.
  • Activity logging for every action happens on your site.
  • Manage active sessions, know what users are viewing on your site right now with ability to end any session with just one click.
  • Access Levels and roles that can be easily updated according to your needs.
  • Limit max. number of logins for users in each access level.
  • Ability to add unlimited custom privileges so you don’t need to hard-code anything.
  • Ability to define custom index page for each access level.
  • API Explorer script to easily test our API and know how to write the syntax.
  • Announcements module with expiration date for each announcement.
  • Supports Google reCaptcha.
  • Remember Me, Password reset and other features.
  • Users can upload their avatars with crop and resize functions.
  • Supports SMTP.
  • Supports IPv6.
  • Responsive design, built on bootstrap 4.
  • Well documented with detailed description of each function and API call.

Security Measures:

  • Secured API calls with JWT
  • CSRF Protection – all forms include CSRF token
  • XSS Filtering
  • One way password Hashing
  • Session protection
  • Secret and Public API Keys

Auto Installer script

Upload the script to your webserver, open installer link [] and follow each step to easily install everything in a matter of seconds.

How to Update?

First, take a database backup, upload the new version and replace files, run auto updater script []. That's it!


Version 1.3 [30/05/2020]

- [Fix] Upload PNG files turns black if crop outside canvas.
- [Add] Add API JWT Header tokens, Separate Public API and User API keys to make api connections more secure

Version 1.2 [25/05/2020]

- [Add] Account self activation, now registered users can activate their accounts via activation email.
- [Add] Admin email notification on new registrations.
- [Add] Ability to view 'closed' accounts and re-activate them.
- [Add] Ability to limit max. number of active sessions per user in specific access level.
- [Add] Custom index page, dashboards for each access level.
- [Add] SMTP Support, IPv6 Support.
- [Fix] Announcements module - admin can add announcements for users of each access level and set its expiration date.
- [Fix] Minor typos in language & Bugfixes.

Version 1.1 [27/04/2020]

- [Add] Dynamic Navigation - Now you can change your navigation menu items, add new menus and pages and also sort them by simple drag and drop  (from privileges.php page)
- [Add] Page Generator - Every page you create the app will generate a blank page with same app styling and privilege checking to give you a head-start & save time
- [Fix] (password required) bug on social login profiles.
- [Add] Now you can change logo & add custom footer.
- [Fix] Minor bugfixes

Version 1.0 [16/04/2020]

- [Add] Support for PHP 7.3
- [Add] Add (user update / password-reset) functions to API
- [Fix] Minor bugfixes

Version 1.0 [14/04/2020]

- Initial Release

Demo = SiteGuard Advanced PHP Login & User Management Script

Download =SiteGuard Advanced PHP Login & User Management Script