Simple Text Rotator WordPress Plugin

Simple Text Rotator WordPress Plugin

Simple Text Rotator is a beautiful and elegant text rotation solution via WordPress shortcodes. Attract your visitors attention by animating the key words of your business in a few seconds and without any programming skills. Your visitor?s attention will be exactly where you want it to be in seconds.

From version 1.1 online documentation is available here:


  • Easy to use
  • Unlimited Color Options
  • 7 Text Effects
  • Works anywhere

Shortcode Usage:

[simple-text-rotator animation="" separator="" speed=""][/simple-text-rotator]
  • Animation: Choose one of the seven animations available: dissolve, fade, flip, flipUp, flipCube, flipCubeUp, spin
  • Separator: Choose any character as separator.
  • Speed: Choose the animation speed in milliseconds. Default is: 2000


Upload the plugin then activate it.

Demo = Simple Text Rotator WordPress Plugin

Download =Simple Text Rotator WordPress Plugin