Simple Private Message System

Simple Private Message System

PMS is a very simple php private messaging system, which can be used for communication.
It can be integrated into your existing application.

Using PMS to enhance your application, it enables users on your site to send private messages to each other, which will greatly increase the sociability of your site.


  1. It is lightweight with pure PHP scripts and only two database tables.
  2. Threaded messages(messagea are categorized according to senders).
    Click on the user name/icon to view threaded message.
  3. WYSIWYG text editor.


  1. Fix an integration issue, now you are able to integrate it to different user table with different user id.


  1. Send rather than Reply button in send message page.
  2. Sent vs. Received messages Filter.
  3. Read message link shows that specific message.
  4. Click username/user icon to view all messages sent/received from/to that user.
  5. No current user in send to dropdown.

Manual.pdf is included in download file.

Demo = Simple Private Message System

Download =Simple Private Message System