Product Countdown WordPress Plugin

Product Countdown WordPress Plugin

This is an easy Product Countdown WordPress Plugin for WooCommerce.

With a countdown displaying on your products you create something like a scarcity mentality in people. It can create a feeling of fear, anxiety and maybe desperation just because they see that the price will rise in a specific period.
It also make someone think that s/he has got only one shot right now. Buying a product then relieves much of the pressure (and the feeling of fear).

“What Does It Do?”

The Product Countdown WordPress Plugin is the most powerful scarcity plugin ever created for WooCommerce.
With just a few clicks you can create scarcity-based countdown-timers when a WooCommerce product is on sale.

“How Does It Work?”

“What Can I Do With It?”

  • Add a popup-window fixed to the top
  • OR add a popup-window fixed to the bottom of the page
  • OR add a shortcode directly in the content of a post, page or custom post type (Learn more about this by reading question 10 on the Product Countdown WordPress Plugin FAQ page)
  • Add the current sales price or/and the current items in stock in the message besides the counter
  • Select a fade in position (from top) where the popup-window is then faded-in (for creating attention)
  • Choose your own background color
  • Choose your own font color
  • Custom CSS for every single countdown
  • Global CSS setting for every countdown
  • Action that should be performed after the countdown has expired: Send an email or redirect to another page. (Note: there are some limitations when sending an email. Read more in question 8 on the Product Countdown WordPress Plugin FAQ page)

Any other cool ideas for the next version?

Request a feature now!

WordPress 5.0 and WooCommerce 3.x Support

This plugin is ready for WordPress 5.0 and WooCommerce 3.x!

Version Changes

  • 4.2.4 (Nov 29, 2018)
    • Fix: Plugin did not send mail due to missing cronjobs. Please deactivate and activate the plugin to get this tow ork.
  • 4.2.3 (Nov 1, 2018)
    • Fix: translation files were not loaded correctly
  • 4.2.2 (Nov 1, 2018)
    • Added french translation files
  • 4.2.1 (May 16, 2018)
    • Removed select2 as it lead to problems with other plugins that are using it, too.
    • Updated language translations.
    • Fixed a PHP warning on newer WooCommerce versions.
  • 4.2.0 (Oct. 18, 2017)
    • New: Allow to open button link in new window/tab
    • Updated language translations
    • Fix issue where the info text switches to the default message on variation products
    • Fix PHP warning on products that have a countdown and sells variational products
  • 4.1.1 (Jun. 2, 2017)
    • Fix: products could no longer added to cart
    • WordPress 4.8 compatibility check
  • 4.1.0 (May 10, 2017)
    • New: Extend WooCommerce to allow setting times in schedule dates, too
    • Updated language translations
    • New: Added new filter: wpbpc_ext_load_time see FAQ
  • 4.0.11 (Apr. 27, 2017)
    • Fix: bring back Countdown for variable products
    • Plugin is no longer compatible with WooCommerce < 3.0.0
    • Plugin is no longer compatible with PHP < 5.6.0
  • 4.0.10 (Apr. 20, 2017)
    • WooCommerce 3.0 compatibility
  • 4.0.9 (Aug. 12, 2016)
    • General compatibility with WordPress 4.6.
    • Fix some CSS errors
    • Fix: Make helper more visible on the frontend
  • 4.0.8 (July 26, 2016)
    • Fix: select2 field did not work on normal post pages
    • Updated language files
  • 4.0.7 (Jun. 27, 2016)
    • Fixed an issue where the select box showed “undefined” on all static pages
  • 4.0.6. (Jun. 15, 2016)
    • General compatibility with WooCommerce 4.6.
  • 4.0.5 (Apr. 11, 2016)
    • General compatibility with WordPress 4.5
    • Fixed: a frontpage product could not be de-selected
    • Update plugin translations
    • Load translations after plugin activation to avoid translation problems
    • Fixed an issue where the translation files could be loaded when the plugin folder was renamed
  • 4.0.4 (Feb. 9, 2016)
    • Fixed: the add-to-cart link will no work again if a button label was entered and the link-field is empty.
  • 4.0.3 (Nov. 30, 2015)
    • General compatibility with WordPress 4.4
  • 4.0.2 (Apr. 23, 2015)
    • Security update
  • 4.0.1 (Mar. 27, 2015)
    • Fix: Button shows up even when no label was set
  • 4.0 (Mar. 27, 2015)
    • New: Allow to show a message after the countdown has expired.
    • New: Added uninstall.php to allow the completed uninstallation of the plugin.
    • New: Introducing new filters (see the FAQ).
    • New: Allow to show a button beside the countdown.
    • Fix: Countdown was hidden one hour before the actual time ran out.
  • 3.7.2 (Nov. 26, 2014)
    • Fix: improved update mechanism
  • 3.7.1 (Nov. 26, 2014)
    • Fix: Variable $stock_items showed 6 zeros after the decimal point.
    • Fix: Replaced deprecated WooCommerce functions with their new equivalents.
  • 3.7.0 (June 16, 2014)
    • New: Updated jQuery Countdown to version 2.0
    • New: Better performance when using a caching plugin
    • Fix: get current date according to WordPress time settings
    • Updated CSS/LESS files
    • Language updates
  • 3.6.0 (May 06, 2014)
    • New: Countdown does not show when stock management has been turned on and the product is out of stock.
  • 3.5.8 (Apr. 07, 2014)
    • Fixed a problem where the WordPress administration panel turns white on plugin activation on some hosts.
    • Fixed a problem where the product on the settings page could not be deselected.
  • 3.5.7 (Mar. 26, 2014)
    • Fixed the problem that no product could be chosen on a static page/post/custom post type
  • 3.5.6 (Mar. 24, 2014)
    • Fixed a JavaScript error
  • 3.5.5 (Mar. 24, 2014)
    • Fixed the problem that no product could be chosen on the settings page.
    • Fixed the issue that the settings could not be saved.
  • 3.5.4 (Mar. 21, 2014)
    • Fixed a “devision by zero” error.
    • Fixed a “Undefined variable: product” warning.
  • 3.5.3 (Mar. 17, 2014)
    • Replaced the woocommerce_format_total function with wc_format_decimal function as it is deprecated since WooCommerce version 2.1.
  • 3.5.2 (Jan. 20, 2014)
    • Fixed version number
    • Faster Ajax Timestamp load
    • Minified JS files for the frontend
  • 3.5.1 (Jan. 20, 2014)
    • Fix: Countdown now refreshes itself when a caching plugin is used
  • 3.5 (Jan. 16, 2014)
    • New: added a new variable $sale_price_in_percent which shows the percentage of the sales price
    • Fix: Variable $difference_in_percent is not calculated right
  • 3.4.4 (Dec. 18, 2013)
    • Fixed a problem where the countdown was still shown to the public even when the countdown has ended already (shortcode only)
    • Fixed a problem with the PHP autoloading functions
  • 3.4.3 (Dec. 16, 2013)
    • Updated WP-Buddy Framework again. Fixes a bug where the plugin checks for updates too often on certain WP installations
  • 3.4.2 (Nov. 21, 2013)
    • Updated WP-Buddy Framework (especially the update functionality which – in some cases – checks for updates too often)
  • 3.4.1 (Oct. 10, 2013)
    • Fixed a problem where the percentage-variable was not calculated in the right way
  • 3.4 (Oct. 9, 2013)
    • New: Added the possibility to use the ”$difference_in_percent” placeholder in the info text field (which actually shows the difference of the regular and the sales price in percent)
    • Fixed an issue where the plugin always showed the message “It seems that WooCommerce is not installed…” on multisite installations.
  • 3.3.3 (Oct. 4, 2013)
    • Fixed an issue on some themes that might occur: when a product is shown on the homepage and it has an activate countdown with the redirect-action set, it might redirect the user directly from the homepage (which is wrong).
  • 3.3.2 (Sept. 27, 2013)
    • Fixed a problem where the global CSS got quoted (so that background images did not work globally)
  • 3.3.1 (Sept. 26, 2013)
    • Updated the timer so that it now uses WordPress internal timezone (in most cases this is the server time) instead of the browsers time
  • 3.3 (Sept. 18, 2013)
    • New: Allow to display the countdown on the front page
  • 3.2.5 (no public version)
    • Fixed a problem where WordPress throws an deprecated function error while search for a product using the “Product to refer to”-field.
  • 3.2.4 (Aug. 29, 2013)
    • Updated WP-Buddy Plugin Framework
  • 3.2.3 (Aug. 20, 2013)
    • Solves an issue where the timezone was not set correctly on some clients (JS)
  • 3.2.2 (Aug. 19, 2013)
    • Solved an issue where the page load takes a real long time because the plugin permanently checks for updates
  • 3.2.1 (July 19, 2013)
    • Fixed an issue where the color did not turn when included the countdown with the shortcode
  • 3.2 (July 18, 2013)
    • Fixes the problem that the countdown cannot remember the product it was attached to (only applied to posts, pages or custom post types)
    • Updated the WP-Buddy Plugin framework
  • 3.1.6 (July 04, 2013)
    • Fixes an issue where the metabox-variables could not be saved on certain WordPress installations
  • 3.1.5 (July 03, 2013)
    • No public version
  • 3.1.4 (July 03, 2013)
    • Fixed a problem where the countdown always shows up
  • 3.1.3 (July 03, 2013)
    • Fixed an encoding problem
  • 3.1.2 (June 27, 2013)
    • Fixed an issue where the plugin did not work when there are subqueries on a page (the query will be reset before showing the content)
  • 3.1.1 (June 26, 2013)
    • Fixed an issue where the popup did not show up due to a missing HTML-tag
    • Fixed an issue where the $stock_items variable didn’t work on variable products
  • 3.1 (June 25, 2013)
    • New: Countdown now refreshes on variable product pages, too.
    • Fix: Redirect always took place even when there was no sales date defined
  • 3.0.2 (June 24. 2013)
    • Fix: redirect did not work when countdown has expired
  • 3.0.1 (June 20. 2013)
    • Fix: Safari browsers were not able to show a different color
    • Fix: the auto-save functionality of WordPress overwrites the countdown settings
    • Fix: redirect did not work when countdown has expired
  • 3.0 (June 19. 2013)
    • New: Global CSS modification available from settings page
    • New: Doing an action after the countdown has expired: Redirect or send an email (there are some limitation on sending emails. Read question 8 on the FAQ page for more information on this)
    • New: Fade-in from top
    • New: Shortcode: Allows you to add the countdown anywhere in your posts
    • New: Close button
  • 2.0 (June 11. 2013)
    • New: Allow custom background modification
    • New: Allow custom font color
    • New: Placeholder added: $sold_items and $stock_items
    • New: Dutch language (Netherlands) added. Thanks to djkavaa
    • New: Minified JS files for the frontend
    • Updated LESS/CSS so that the WooCommerce Review doesn’t overlay the plugin
  • 1.0 (May 16. 2013)
    • First version available to the public
  • Click here for a full list of version changes

Please note that CodeCanyon sometimes is a little slow when it comes to reviewing updated items. To avoid this and to get updates quicker, please add your purchase code on the settings page of the item. You then get informed automatically when a new update is out and you also get the updated item delivered right within WordPress update process.

Translation thanks to

Want to translate the plugin into your own language? Download the latest .pot file from Github and send it to us OR push your changes directly to our Product Countdown WordPress Plugin Language Files Github project.

Requirements & Limitations

You should have the current, self-hosted WordPress version installed. In case you need a plugin to work with a specific WordPress theme, please ask us before your purchase. This plugin requires: PHP 5.6 or higher running on your webserver and a WordPress Version higher or equal 4.7. You also need at least WooCommerce 3.x installed. This plugin is PHP7-ready.

Please check if your current theme or any of your installed plugins creates Javascript errors on the frontend. If so, please try to solve this issues before installing this plugin.

More limitations? Maybe with your theme and/or any other plugins? Please read the Product Countdown WordPress Plugin FAQ page before you buy! Thanks!

Uses jQuery and Countdown for jQuery v1.6.2 by Keith Wood

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