Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application For Business – Php Laravel Script

Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application For Business – Php Laravel Script

Bulk Email Marketing, Auto Responder, Email Campaigns Scheduler And Mass Email Sender Application Php Laravel Script

Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application Laravel Script is a fully-featured, easy to use Bulk Email Marketing, Bulk email autoresponder, mass email sender, email campaigns scheduler and monitoring expert Web Application coded in PHP version 5.6.4 / Laravel 5.4 that lets you send high-volume marketing emails via your own server or through other email service (SMTP) providers . Start making money by easily developing your database leads, by location, business category. Filter your leads, sale your leads. Nimble Email Marketing Application Php Laravel Script works 100% fine with any compatible browser.
Install Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application on your own web server and you can use marketing / transaction emails without any limitation. You can get rid of expensive email services as well.

Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application Php Laravel Script is a brilliant Idea of having all marketing tools in one place, versatile, robust and most of all very expandable. Basically it’s designed and developed by keeping in mind the basic necessities of small and large businesses and organizations. In fact, Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application Php Laravel Script is the only Marketing Web Application that has most of the features and functionalities when you compare with any other email marketing application at the web.

Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application Php laravel Script provides with a unique solution to manage all your contacts, by using the options, you can build your marketing strategy based on either the company name or the job title, or even both. This functionality is very practical for those seeking to target certain business segmentation’s such Human Resources Managers, CEO’s, Suppliers, Decisions makers etc.
Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application is by far the only bulk email marketing application that makes it easy for users to create a beautiful newsletter or marketing campaign, we have introduced a spectacular customized Nimble editor which makes it everything easier for and within reach. You can add / edit templates (which can be created as a new or you may use existing premade templates) with just a click, you can even add your own templates or html section as click and drop in that template box.

With our advance social icons & share, you can include your preferred social media networks easily.
Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application Php Laravel Script combines exclusive functionalities, which makes it easy to build your network in respect to your market segmentation. For instance, you may import lists directly into Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application Php Laravel Script using various formats, from there you can start your segmentation per group using the merge option, furthermore. You can export your contacts within the predefined formats as described.

You may also use the drag and drop campaigns scheduler to send targeted emails on special occasions like sale, holiday or any other social events. tracking your campaign got also easy, thanks to both native email behavior tracking and our analytics integration , we have made it easier for you to check the states directly from the email applications main dashboard and specifically from your campaign, each and every single campaign is traceable for better understanding of the success of you marketing strategies .

To make your templates easily interpreted and fast we have included an inline css that convert each template to the right format. Working images as adding texts and patterns is also supported, basically, you do anything with it.
Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web Application Php Laravel Script can support multiple SMTP servers and is capable of working in parallel and also jumping to the next available server as soon as your established limit is reached.

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We are also available for help so in case you need any customization or support for this script . Please drop a message in pm or email at: [email protected] Our engineers and support team will help you out with best possible services and solutions within the most least possible time.

Features Of Our Nimble Email Application – PHP Laravel Script

  • – Multi-users
  • In our bulk email marketing application each and every user has his distinct account, only the master admin have access to users area. Whenever a user account is created he have complete access of features accept to those for which only admin have rights like adding, removing users and much more etc

  • – Unlimited Subscribers
  • Before this exclusive bulk email marketing application managing and sorting your subscribers wasn’t that much easy. Now you don’t have to worry any more because you can add unlimited subscribers to it’s campaigns and can easily monitor those activities.

  • – Campaigns Scheduler
  • In our exclusive bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script you will get exclusive modules which includes sophisticated campaigns scheduler so you can schedule emails to send exactly when you want – by hour, day, week or month. Keep record of your products release dates, holidays, promotions, coupons, shortcodes, birthday deals, car and automotive deals, house loans, restaurant and hotels deals and much more. When you create a campaign, you may schedule it accordingly as per your time and need. Remember ! email marketing campaigns launched at right time can derive 200% more as compared to his original potential. Schedule a campaign email to send to your contacts at a right time. You can test it now ! Right now …… Yes off course now from our products demo page … But during the Free Trial, scheduling is limited to the same day only. When you will purchase nimble email marketing web application for business laravel script then you can enjoy even more unlimited features.

  • – Unlimited Groups (Deep List Segmentation)
  • Send group email, mass email, bulk email, email newsletter and do bulk email marketing by sending directly with 9 SMTP servers: Aweber, GetReponse, Mailchimp, Active Campaign, SendGrid, SparkPost, SMTP, MailGun, MailJet And Much More to be added soon. What more do you need. Nimble Bulk Email Marketing web application for business laravel script is an outstanding email marketing software with everything you need to maintain, manage and use. Store unlimited groups with unlimited contacts, automate websites details, restaurants customers groups, pizza party group (customers info), hotels and resorts customers groups, gym and fitness groups, computer technical discussion groups etc. Nimble app laravel script have the potential to send more than 10,000 emails per day. Nimble email marketing web application php laravel script have so much potential that you can’t even resist itunlimited features. So what are you waiting for ! Order now and take your business off the ground.

  • – Unlimited Campaigns
  • Create, schedule and send unlimited email marketing campaigns with our nimble email marketing php laravel script. It’s an easy to use email marketing and bulk email automation software for small and large scale businesses with with fast growing businesses. Now you can send group email campaigns, automated messages, and targeted news letters to you customer and clients with an ease of unlimited campaigns. No monthly fees, no extra surcharge and no per email charge. Now sending Bulk emails with unlimited campaigns is not a dream. You can send high volume emails without any daily & hourly limit. Integrated with 9 SMTP servers. Now like those big organizations and multinational businesses you can also send emailsand can offer unlimited support to your customers

  • – Unlimited Smart SMTP Servers Relay
  • Sending emails through any email service provider relay saves companies from having to run their own mail server. SMTP, PHP Mailer, Gmail (Auto Detect & Bounce Servers Limits). Your business needs a fast and reliable SMTP server and relay provider. Nimble bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script server platform is robust, scalable and ready to go in minutes. All you have to do is setup and integrate properly after that it’s really easy.

  • – Email Auto Responders
  • Want to reach out more and more subscribers while saving your precious time. Automatically deliver a series of emails with our nimble bulk email marketing web application laravel script. Want to convert more of your leads into customers, on autopilot. Simply just start using our email autoresponder software today. More than 9 SMTP servers integrated.Nimble bulk email marketing laravel script auto responder allows you to set up an automated reply that can be sent to any incoming email. This feature can be useful for confirming the receipt of mail, or for informing correspondents that the recipient is unavailable (for example, out of office, while on vacation).

  • – MailJet SMTP Relay Support
  • Mailjet’s SMTP relay support lets you send emails directly from your technology that supports SMTP (PHP, Java, Postfix, Exim, etc) In order to send email from your email client or program, you need to change your SMTP settings to point Mailjet’s SMTP server. In our application we have integrated mailjet’s server platform which is robust and scalable also ready to go in minutes. So there is no need to worry at all, all you have to do is purchase our product and integrate, leave the rest to our product it will manage everything for you.

  • – Emails Relay Support
  • In our product SMTP email relay support system is also integrated. It is a service that routes email through a trusted 3rd party to deliver your email. It is most often specializing in sending large batches of emails (newsletters) or for automatic transactional emails (delivery confirmations, password resets, etc). How email relay support system works in our product ! You can use the SMTP relay service settings to filter messages for spam and viruses before they reach external contacts. Not just that we provide an online controlling system in which you will get complete controlling of all the features

  • – Click, Open, Favorite logs
  • This is one of the most exclusive and unique feature ever possessed by any email marketing application. Each and every single email clicked, opened can be seen through analytics and from admin panel applications admin can easily save his favorite logs which he might need to be used in future. All logs of your emails countered by our nimble bulk email marketing software are stored in app database. It contains errors, informational events and warnings too.

  • – High end open rate
  • With our nimble bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script you can easily personalize emails for marketing which can easily fetch higher email open rates and can increase engagement and bring bigger profits. As highlighted by many organizations and companies , email marketing is a must to have in order to keep your business running smoothly . Email marketing and promotions is only good when your open rate is high . With nimble bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script we guarantee high end open rate from recipients

  • – Already created email templates can be used again
  • Now with nimble bulk email marketing web application laravel script you can design beautiful campaigns to effectively communicate with your audience and share your marketing messages. It’s easy to get started with our eye-catching, customizeable email templates. Choose a basic layout, pre-built theme, or a template based on the message you need to communicate. You can even code your own. You can easily test and track

  • – All emails data can be tracked
  • With open tracking you can track each and every single email sent, opened, delivered and resent. Our open tracking product integrated tells you if your contacts open the emails you send, Also you can compare open results to other data in your account, such as e-commerce users etc

  • – Autoresponders emails can also be fetched
  • Anytime as per your scheduled campaigns or by the time you convert an autoresponder to an automation, the original autoresponder will remain active. To make sure your other contacts don’t receive auto responding messages we have integrated such exclusive features inside our application that no one can resist. Taking proper care of an email list can be very time consuming, and it only gets worse the larger it becomes, but not anymore. Nimble bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script is an all in all solution for your business.

  • – Build your email / customizable / preview
  • Our customizable product blocks and data-driven product recommendations make it easy for online sellers to advertise via email. Campaign scheduler and email auto responder drag-and-drop builder lets you easily build branded emails and customize everything from fonts and colors to exact spacing. Those days are over, now nimble email marketing web application laravel script provides you easiest, quickest way to design elegant, mobile responsive emails. Our powerful editor makes it easy to customize your email templates. You can modify the templates as per your expectations and requirements. In no time you can get ready made templates with our powerful email templates builder.

  • – Emails data can be exported
  • You can easily export and download your data from nimble bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script. When you download a campaign report, we provide your information in a CSV excel sheetAll campaigns data can be exported in a csv and pdf file. More extensions will be added soon

  • – Auto fetching emails from SMTP’S
  • Those existing campaigns which you have generated and emails are forwarded successfully our script save those emails in SMTP servers history which can easily be used in future. Nimble bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script is one of the best ways to design, send, and share email newsletters but not by those existing old fashioned ways. Now you can easily enhance your emails by auto fetching emails from SMTP servers.

  • – Manage users
  • Managing your users roles and their rights was one of the most difficult tasks in the past but not anymore. With nimble bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script each and every specific users roles and rights can be managed and taken care of properly. Nimble bulk email marketing application for business laravel script is changing the way organizations communicate. Now you can reach out to customers with discounts, promotions, and in-store events. Send your first campaign in minutes, manage all of your contacts and campaigns easily. Nimble email application also helps to develop brand loyalty and ensure your customers return time. Now you can easily enhance, grow your business and service for any category for your choice.

  • – Make users private
  • Along with name, email, dates, there is another tab from where you can easily make any user active or private. Not just that you can easily edit, delete and check stats of that specific user. More than 5000 users can be managed at a single time.

  • – Complete admin rights
  • Start your first Email marketing campaign using nimble bulk email marketing web application for business laravel script. Complete all the necessary information, consider adding them to a group, then click Save. Adding contacts from a campaign or from a csv file is way too easy. If you’d like to start today without wasting much time then start using it today go right ahead check our products demo and order today.

  • – Detailed analytics system
  • Nimble Bulk Email Marketing Web application for business laravel script offers powerful reports and very detailed analytics. With out mass email marketing software for small to large businesses you can easily automate emails, can send bulk contacts, text-to-vote, already 9 smtp servers are integrated. More will be added soon. Nimble email classified application laravel script is a business texting web application that supports mass email sending with helping you to connect with employees and customers. It’s one of those must buy scripts which helps in managing and controlling your email marketing campaigns with more than 60 exclusive features.

  • – Autoresponder type wise report
  • Complete Activity Dashboard. Activity Tracking. Auto-Responders. Automated Scheduling. Automatic Reminders. Bulk Send. Campaign Analysis. Campaign Management. Now you can easily enjoy email marketing features enriched features such as mobile coupons (which is one of the most exclusive options), keyword autoresponders, and efficient group messaging.

  • – Email Lists For Multiple Users And Autoresponders
  • Before this application your customers might miss your email, while individual phone calls take too much time. … You have enough items to fill up your to-do list, and sometimes marketing can feel you like a very easy work. Learn more by contacting us that how our nimble email marketing application is changing the way organizations and companies communicate. Extend and enhance your email marketing with nimble email marketing application. Not just it saves all details of customers lists but you can again utilize these lists and can send autoresponder messages as well.

  • – Automated Statistics
  • (auto responder wise, open, click, top locations and country wise) That’s why we created nimble email marketing for business laravel script. It’s a fully automated email marketing platform that allows you to collect customer contact information, send out automated emails in just minutes and take your business to the next level.

  • – User Agents Statistical Data
  • Nimble email marketing application is very easy to use with many brilliant features inside. It’s advance user management system can show user agents data into a very convenient way. All users data from (Windows, Tablets, Mobile, Mac, I-Pad, Or Any Gadget Used For Application) can be seen through dashboard.

  • – Autoresponder list wise reporting
  • nimble email marketing application captures exact and detailed list wise reporting generated from autoresponders. Complete users data including summary and recipients etc.

  • – Auto Responder world map
  • Other email marketing application possess limited features but when it comes to nimble email marketing application for business php laravel script we have integrated such big features that no other product at codecanyon have ever created. With this big feature you can sen auto responding directly from world map and can set priority to send email auto responding messages globally.

  • – Open / Un-opened email user’s data
  • All of your emails sent, received, opened and un opened users data will now be seen from user dashboard. another new feature which no other email application posses. We guarantee.

  • – Type wise auto responder reports
  • (most opened, clicked, frequent time, open rate) Complete details and history of reports can also be exported as csv to be used for next email marketing campaigns.

  • – Bounce Mail Handler
  • In order to utilize this excellent feature (PHP Library should be enabled) without library enabled it’s not possible. What does bounce mail handler do ! whenever an email campaign is scheduled and emails are sent to the attached users

  • – Parallel Delivery
  • (In respect to each server limit).

  • – Address Validator & Finder.
  • – Export to Multiple formats
  • VCARD, CSV, EXCEL, PDF, & Most used Avery Labels.

  • – Subscribers CSV
  • – Easy members import using CSV.
  • – Find Subscribers based Address, Status or Groups.
  • – Spammers Banning System.
  • – Smart Campaign Scheduler Calendar.
  • – Exclusive Optin Feature.
  • – Customizeable forms.
  • – Responsive Template.
  • – Delayed autoresponding system
  • – Unsubscription
  • – Internal Activity Log Table
  • – Campaigns Statistics
  • History, Export, and Duplication

  • – Campaigns Activity Tracking
  • Bounce, Open, Unsubscribe, Sent, Unsent etc

  • – Advanced Graphical Statistic Reporting
  • – Groups Merge
  • – Admins Activity Logs
  • – Form script Integration (Installation)
  • – Files Management System
  • – Template Editing System
  • – Native Captcha Spam System (will be added soon)
  • – Google Recaptcha (will be added soon)
  • – Cache Memory Limit Control for faster processing
  • – Send Emails (batches or group wise)
  • – Custom Pre-Built Templates easy Insertion
  • – Links Stats/Graph
  • – Subscribers Imports Limit Control for faster processing
  • – Subscribers Tags
  • (First Name, Last Name, Address, City, Zip Code, State, Country, IP Address, Web etc..). Many more

    Change Log

    Version 1.0 (27-04-2018)  - 100% active and working script with all features and services mentioned
    Version 1.1 (04-07-2018)  -  add or import contact list using csv file import.

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