Live Match Commentary Script (LMCS)

Live Match Commentary Script (LMCS)

Live Match Commentary Script (LMCS) is a PHP script to implement live soccer or rugby match commentary feature to the websites.

It comes with powerful administation panel to commentate match and control front end.
jQuery AJAX functions are used to check if there is an update on front end.
It is possible to differentiate match comments with the different comment types such as “goal”.
Every match player has a timeline so when the user looks next to player name, he/she can see if that player scored a goal or got any card or if he substituted with another player.
The users can access commentary page even if the match has finished.
Now with multilanguage support!
(English, Turkish, Albanian, Portuguese and Spanish for now but it is possible to add new language just by adding single file.)

Admin Panel Features

  • All pages are password protected
  • Admin can edit access credentials
  • Admin can manage teams
  • Admin can manage team players
  • Admin can manage matches
  • Admin can manage commentators
  • Admin can select players for match
  • Admin can commentate match
  • Admin can control player timeline (goal, substitution, cards)
  • Admin can change match status
  • Admin can adjust match time to sync with the real match time

Commentator Panel Features

  • All pages are password protected
  • Commentator can commentate match (should have permission)
  • Commentator can control player timeline (goal, substitution, cards)
  • Commentator can change match status
  • Commentator can adjust match time to sync with the real match time

Online Demo

You can access online demo with the following links:

Please use following credentials to login admin panel:
username: admin
password: password

Please note that no changes are allowed in the demo mode.


Live Match Commentary Script (LMCS) comes with full documentation.
From the installation to the usage you will feel like home.

Online documentation is also available.

Script Requirements

  • PHP 5.2 and above
  • MySQL 5.0 and above

In today’s technology, any modern web hosting company can provide you these requirements.

Change Log


  • fix: rugby_match_scores table can’t be created.


  • add: $use_sef_links variable in config/site.php.
  • add: .htaccess file.
  • update: listing page.
  • fix: commentator can’t delete match comments.
  • fix: admin can’t delete commentators.
  • add: Spanish translation.


  • add: Script can now be used for commentation of rugby matches.


  • add: Portuguese translation.


  • fix: own goals were shown on the wrong side in the table. (match.php)
  • updated documentation.


  • fix: commentators can’t see assigned matches if there is more than 1 commentator (commentator/index.php)
  • fix: the label “Team Players” can be translated now (admin/team_players.php)
  • add: scored player names are shown in the middle column. (match.php)
  • add: match_mobile.php
  • updated documentation.


  • change: timer starts counting now without waiting for the full page load. (match.php)
  • add: multilanguage support.
  • add: “lang” folder.
  • change: now match title can contain up to 100 chars.
  • add: now commentators can be defined using admin panel.
  • add: commentators can also be edited and deleted.
  • add: menu now contains a link to the commentators.php
  • fix: if match doesn’t exist, it redirects to matches.php
  • del: unnecessary css files were removed.
  • add: commentator can login. (“script_folder/commentator”)


  • fix: special characters decoded 2 times.
  • fix: new team players can’t be seen on the existing match records.
  • fix: error on hosting services where the DIR magic constant is undefined.
  • add: added “title” column to the match list. (admin panel)


If you have a bug report or an improvement idea, feel free to comment about it.
I will try my best to provide you a good support.
I would also appreciate if you have time to review or rate the application too!


Demo = Live Match Commentary Script (LMCS)

Download =Live Match Commentary Script (LMCS)