Hello Scrollbar WordPress Plugin

Hello Scrollbar Wordpress Plugin

Hello Scrollbar

Hello scrollbar is a wordpress plugin, which can be used for creating scroll areas in sidebar or page content! If your sidebar contains plenty widgets and you want to save some space – you will find this plugin extremely useful. Built-in editor button allows you to create scroll areas in your content. The simpliest creation process doesn’t require any PHP/HTML/CSS knowledge. Additionally, You are able to show scrollbar buttons, hide scrollbar on mouse leave, auto expand scrollbar and even set scroll inertia!

Plugin Advantages

  • 26 styles – Different predefined styles for your unique layout. Styles are suitable for both light and dark layouts.
  • Multi-scroll areas support – Multi-area feature will give you an opportunity to create more than one scroll areas on one of your pages.
  • Scroll inertia feature – Set the amount of scrolling momentum and make scrolling more fun and unique!
  • Scrollbar buttons feature – Show or hide scrollbar buttons in one click.
  • Scrollbar auto hide feature – Posibility to show scrollbar only on mouse over.
  • Scrollbar auto expand feature – Posibility to expand scrollbar on mouse over with nice animation effect.
  • Scrollbar position feature – Posibility to choose position of scrollbar.
  • Minified JS and CSS – Both, javascript and css files were also minified for page loading acceleration.
  • Content Scrollbar – Built-in editor button allows you to create scroll areas in your content.
  • Responsive friendly – Scroll area width is set to 100% and equals to your sidebar’s width, which makes it extremely useful for responsive layout.
  • Crossbrowser support – Plugin was tested in modern browsers like Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome, IE8 and IE9.
  • Fast and friendly support – We will try to do our best to help you solve your issues. You may also leave your wishes, maybe it will be added to next version!

Installation process

“Hello scrollbar” offers the easiest way to create scroll areas – Just 3 steps!

  1. Create new sidebar for scroll area content
  2. Fill this sidebar with your widgets
  3. Drop “Hello Scrollbar” widget in your page’s sidebar, set area height and enjoy your new scroll area!

Request and issues

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  2. Look at FAQ section
  3. Contact us using contact form on our profile page

Important notice

  1. If you want to sell hello Scrollbar with your themes, buy “extended licence” for each of them.
  2. Custom Posts and Hello Comments widgets from preview is not included! We used it only for demonstration.

Demo = Hello Scrollbar WordPress Plugin

Download =Hello Scrollbar WordPress Plugin