Expand URL – Link Unshorting PHP Script

Expand URL - Link Unshorting PHP Script

About ExpandURL:

ExpandURL is a link unshorting php script. This script gives user the power to unshorten short urls safely! User can find the real link before clicking or opening the short url, they will have more power to avoid hacks, Phishing websites, Malware sites, Spam sites and virus websites, by unshorting short URLs before visiting them.

ExpandURL php script has various amazing features such as proxies, ads, contents etc which ensures user’s safety and your income

Unique Features:

  • More than 300+ URL Shortners (bitly, googl, tinyurland many others) are supported
  • Very easy to install and use
  • Ads System (300×300 in side bar and 780×80 in contents…or add any size AD you like)
  • Easy to edit contents
  • Multi-language support (language files)
  • Proxy Support (You can add proxy which can be used to unshorten URLs)
  • Quick Javascript Copy button (after URL is unshorten a quick copy button is present)
  • Clean and easy customize PHP Coding (all coding conventions are followed)
  • Fully responsive bootstrap framework, works on all devices and screen sizes.
  • No need of any SQL database or database server
  • Full support and help from me anytime via email, CodeCanyon messages!
  • Can work on Shared hosts as well as any server such as VPS, Dedicated Server etc
  • All frameworks, designs etc utilizes the up-to date versions of it.

How can I monetize this script?

You can easily monetize it by ranking it on various keywords and utilizing Google Adsense, affiliate marketing techniques to gain maximum return on your investment

Money Short Linking websites are not supported.:

To be clear websites such as Adfly, linkbucks etc are not support because they encrypt their links from their end hence their links are not supported. Regards.

Help & Support:

Shoot me a message anytime you have any questions or installation or any customization requests, I’ll be glad to help you do it.

Demo = Expand URL – Link Unshorting PHP Script

Download =Expand URL – Link Unshorting PHP Script