Eventcal – Event Calendar WordPress Plugin

Eventcal - Event Calendar WordPress Plugin


User: eventcal; Pass: eventcal

Create Events beautifully and smartly with EventCal.EventCal is WordPress Event and Calendar plugin what developed for create and manage events for any website. It is a fully responsive, fully customized by custom settings panel.It can create event calender, event filters

Plugin Features

Event List details

  1. Beautifully Created Handcrafted Layout
  2. 7 Custom predefined layouts
  3. List Layout
    • This can be used as grid or single column.columns are variable upon your choice
  4. Grid Layout
  5. Weekly view
  6. Monthly View
  7. Apply Event Filters to any layout
    • Filter By event Name
    • Filter By Months
    • Filter By All or weekly
    • Add as much amount of taxonomy (i.e: category, location, host) you want
  8. Multilingual Ready
    • German
    • Spanish
    • French
    • Dutch
    • Portugese
    • Chinese
    • Turkish
  9. Event Pagination

Event Single Details

  1. Faster page loading
    • 95% on pingdom
    • 89% on YSlow
  2. Dynamic content loading
    • Load single event on modal
    • Load single event on single page
  3. Detailed Event Single Page
    • Event Cover photo
    • Event details and sponsors
    • Event Schedule details
    • Showcase guests or speakers
    • Social sharing on events
    • Event location and organizer or host
  4. Stunning custom settings panel

    • Google Map API key
    • Adding Taxonomies
  5. Payment Option Settings
    • Selecting Currency
    • Selecting Payment Methods
    • Paypal App Client ID
    • Paypal App Client Secret
    • Paypal Sandbox
  6. Tax information settings
    • Apply Tax/VAT On Purchase?Yes/no
    • Tax ID Number
    • Select Tax Application Rule: weather it will be fixed in amount or in percentage
    • Tax Amount: Just a number
  7. Setting Up – Send Email Notification
    • Send Email On Purchasing or Booking?
    • Email Message On Payment Approval
    • Email Message On Payment Rejection
  8. Interested/Going tab – New Feature in 2.0
    • Can include in the users
    • Can see who are going or interested
    • User login/register

Event Booking Features

* Your are getting EventCal Premium Booking And Payment Extension completely free*

  1. Tickets can be added on each single event. Also price and number of availability can be set there
  2. Ticket Availability Sign
    • It will be seen on the right side of the event single window/page.It will only appear after adding tickets to a single event.people can purchase tickets or book tickets on clicking on there
  3. Detailed ticket booking statistics – you can get every details of each booking from here

    • Number of total sold tickets
    • Order Amount in total
    • Total amounts paid
    • Total amounts pending
    • Booker Name and email
    • Invoice ID of the booking
    • Total amount of the booking
    • Tickets name with number
    • Payment Method
    • Payment Status
  4. Get Details against each booking
  5. Book multiple events on same time
  6. Pay by –
    • Paypal
    • Cash On Delivery
    • Cheque
  7. Get an invoice for each booking order
  8. Print your invoice
  9. Download Your invoice

Demo = Eventcal – Event Calendar WordPress Plugin

Download =Eventcal – Event Calendar WordPress Plugin