Cpanel Email Signup and Login

Cpanel Email Signup and Login

This script is a simple php script that allow your clients to register free email for themselves without them having access to the cpanel. When user signup the detailed info of the user will be saved to your database and the username and password provided by the user will be used to create email on the cpanel. This email signup form works like gmail, yahoo… signup. Everything happens once at the click of the submit button.


  1. Stylish Signup form with jquery support
  2. User Login form (Optional – doesn’t work on some host)
  3. Captcha Verification
  4. Jquery Live Validation
  5. Bootstrap 3
  6. Real time username availability check
  7. Realtime password strength checker
  8. Password Retrieval
  9. Change password
  10. Full featured ajax
  11. Email Notification
  12. Full Documentation


  • PHP 5.x and 7.x
  • MySQL 5+
  • PDO Driver Enabled
  • Updates

    ==== 05/02/2019 - VERSION 3.0 ====
    - Compatibility with the cpanel current version
    - Added email forwarding feature
    - Fix bugs
    Version 2.2 - 09/01/2018: Password strength for compatibility with most host and other minor bugs fix. 
    Version 2.1 - 17/05/2016
    Version 2.0 - 02/9/2014
    • Redesigned
    • Change password feature
    • Password Recovery beta
    • Email Notification
    • Bootstrap 3
    • New Captcha Verification using font without image
    • Full featured ajax

    Please note that this plugin may not work with Bluehost

    Demo = Cpanel Email Signup and Login

    Download =Cpanel Email Signup and Login