Autoblog – effortless blog posting.

Autoblog - effortless blog posting.

This script is an automatic blogging script that uses RSS feeds to automatically make posts. This script will allow you to post diverse and new content to your website without effort using just a single PHP script. You simply need to enter the link of an RSS feed (and add it to a category if you wish) and the script will do the rest.
We use a autodiscovery script that will find RSS URLs from ordinary web pages, even YouTube channels!
You can also add your own posts and edit posts with the provided rich text editor.

Key features

  • Autoblog from RSS Feeds
  • Responsive blog design (Bootstrap)
  • SEO-friendly Pagination
  • Add and manage posts and feeds in the admin panel
  • Rich text editor
  • Support for Facebook Comments and Disqus
  • External RSS Feeds
  • Categorise feeds and posts
  • Lightweight PHP
  • Uses object oriented programming
  • RSS autodiscovery
  • No need for cron jobs! The update script runs when a user visits the page and it has not been updated recently, the script can also be run manually.
  • Built using PHP, MySQLi, Simplepie and Bootstrap
  • Bootstrap 3 used for the main public site


  • PHP (version 5+ recommended)
  • MySQL (using the MySQLi extension)


Front-end demo
Admin demo (password: admin)

Demo = Autoblog – effortless blog posting.

Download =Autoblog – effortless blog posting.