AAPro – Amazon Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

AAPro - Amazon Affiliate Pro WordPress Plugin

Note: AAPro plugin works only with official PA-API Keys.

Amazon Affiliate Pro Plugin – Amazon API 5.0 Supported

Please Note: AAPro Plugin version 2.0 has completely replaced its previous version, so please make sure to backup your old data before upgrading to version 2.0. AAPro v2.0 supports Amazon PA-API v5 and supports all WooCommerce Themes. In Order to use the plugin, you will have to Install WooCommerce and any WooCommerce Compatible Theme.

AAPro is the most innovative a unified suite of tools developed for Amazon Affiliate Program and WordPress.

AAPro v2.0 Features

  • Amazon PA-API 5.0 Supported.
  • WooCommerce Supported
  • Works with any WooCommerce Compatible Theme
  • 2x Faster than any other plugin & 3x faster than its previous Version
  • Import Products within seconds
  • Single Page Search and Import Option
  • Advanced Search: Use Multiple Filters and Sorting Parameters to find the most sccurate results

What Items are Included with AAPro Suite?

  • AAPro Plugin
  • Documentation

A Handy Support System

We have tried to make everything super simple, with things can be complicated in some cases, but no need to worry about, We are here 24×7 to listen to you. For any problem or query feel free to connect with us using your preferred method.

  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Direct Support Using Plugin Help Form.
  • Item Comment Box.
  • On-site Live Chat.


Change log:

All notable changes to the plugin and its theme will be documented here.

v2.1.1 – 28 March 20

=== Regular Update ===
- reported bug fixes.
- Added support for Lightspeed web server.
- Added support for Caching plugins.
- Added support for custom category selection on advanced search tool.

v2.1.0 – 26 March 20

=== Regular Update ===
- General bug fixes.
- Configuration page bug fixed.
- Added support for custom category selection on regular search tool.

v2.0 – 09 March 20

=== Major Update ===
- Old plugin & Theme Deprecated and replaced with v2.0
- PA-API v5 support added.
- WooCommerce Support Added, now it will work with any WooCommerce Theme.
- General Bug fixes.
- JS functions improved.

v1.4 – 12 Nov 19

=== Features and Improved ===
- Added: Amazon UAE Locale Support
- Config setting bug fixed.
- Cart redirect bug fixed.
- Server enviorment Warning issue fixed.
- No API CSV Importer Tool Improved.

v1.3 – 06 June 19

=== Features and Improved ===
- Added: No-API Product Importer.
- New CSV Importer for Chrome Extension
- FIXED: Slider Title bug.
- FIXED: Mobile Responsiveness with product blocks.
- FIXED: API Graph Issue on startup.
- FIXED: Mobile Responsiveness with product blocks.
- IMPROVED: Plugin Help Section Improved.

v1.2.1 – 31 May 19

=== Bug Fixes ===
- FIXED: General CSS Bugs.

v1.2 – 16 April 19

=== Features and Improved ===
- UPDATED: UK Currency Code.
- FIXED: 3 Columns on-hover Action Buttons.

v1.1 – 16 April 19

=== Features and Improved ===
- FIXED: reported bug fixes.
- FIXED: Product Importer blank screen issue.
- IMPROVED: Auto Importer feature improved.
- IMPROVED: Advanced Search function improved.
- FIXED: Image issue with 3 column product widget fixed.
- FIXED: Amazon Reviews Tab conflict fixed.
- FIXED: Reported Bug in API Statistics Fixed.
- IMPROVED: Single, Multiple and CSV Importer functions improved.
- API Rate Limit function enhanced.
- ADDED: Added Option to clear the Auto Importer Cron Schedule.
- Updated the Dashboard documentation link.

v1.0 – 31 March 19

Initial Release


WPKraft and AAPro are not affiliated with Amazon by any mean.

To use this Plugin you will need to have Active Account with Amazon Product Advertising API in at least one region.

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